Commanding the Command Line

Command Line Resources

Terminal on a Mac. Your window into your computer and home base for doing dev work. It's how you jump between files and directories, open stuff up, rub simple scripts, check the status of things and look cool doing so.

It's a great thing to be familiar with, but you only need a dozen commands to run.


Learn Code the Hard Way, Zed A. Shaw
"This is a mini-book that teaches you Unix or Windows command line skills. Unlike the "Learn The Hard Way" series, this crash course is designed to get you mostly capable in a few hours to a few days. It has little explanation and focuses more on doing a small set of commands until you remember them." Also free online course."

FLOSS Manual's Introduction to the Command Line

Conquering the Command Line, Mark Bates

Flashcards are a good way to learn. You can choose what topics you'd like or develop your own.

Here are the flashcards you can use, and remember you only need to have the basic 20 commands down:

  • [Anki]( FOSS. Desktop client available.
  • [Memorang]( Flashcard quizzes and games
  • [StudyBlue]( Flashcards, quizzes and progress tracking. Make your own, or borrow from the flashcards and notes already available.
  • [Cram]( Create and share online flashcards. Linked to command line flashcards.
  • [Quizlet]( Here are the command line flashcards available
  • Articles
    • This articles gives some really goos shortcuts I had overlooked.
    • "What is Bash" Slideshow, Andre August
    • Write down a command-line to see the help text that matches each argument
    Online Courses
    Viking Code School has a great and exhaustive prep course online, and the section on command line is pretty well done.
    Recap: Cheat Sheet
    Here's a screen-grab of a good cheat-sheet. Feel free to download the original document: Command Line Cheat Sheet, Tobias Gunther, Git-Tower