Will Tech be Replacing the Salesman?

So I was recently asked this question by way of banter: Will all this new technology replace the salesman.

And I said- Yes.
... When technology manifests a self-aware consciousness.

So what I mean is No.
Sarcasm Bitches!

What does such person mean by "technology" replacing the salesman? I need specifics, Jimbo. What exactly are we talking about: Emails, design collateral, CMS systems that can spit out millions of copywriting tests targeted at a very specified demographic.
... If the gist is correct, Better Marketing tools?

Heard about the new HubSpot Sales CMS. What's up with that, Inbound Marketing? I thought everyone comes to you, because you are beautiful and the world will beat a pathway to your door.

There are many contenders in the digital industry for the we-will-automate-all-your-salesforce. But automation automates.

The chance of tech (whatever vague category that it manifests) replacing salespeople right now, is as much likely as fitbits replacing doctors.
But doctors and lawyers are a technical and skilled and noble profession, anyone can do sales!
As a brave man once said: Skills is Skills.

Man uses technology to amplify his skills- make himself superhuman. Remove redundancies and friction. The only one who is replaced is the one who isn't agile and willing to learn. That's true not just for salespeople but every profession out there. We have amazing tools at our disposal that are not only changing the dimensions of every industry but carving out new ones. We can either weild the hammer or... however that hammer expression ends.

INC Magazine (September 2014) said that the modern salesman came out from the National Cash Register businesses. Ergo, awesome tech invented the salesman. Now we're getting meta. Zig Ziglair (Car CD no.3) said that's how it was with lighbulbs, the telegraph, sewing machines, et cetera ad infinitum.

What tech will do is refine the sales process. And it will thereby eliminate those who advocate said processes; the species that fail to adapt are the ones who die out.

Moral: We're going to need our storytellers.