Bug Fix: .jpg vs .JPG

Bug: Images not loading in production environment. Shared hosting via BlueHost. If the extension is .JPG then it will be processed as text/x-generic. A lot »

A simple slick carousel in Ember

There are a lot of different slider and carousel options. If you use a frontend framework like Bootstrap or Foundation, you'll see some native solutions. Plenty »

Alfred Workflow for Setting up Workstations

Working on several coding projects, I've seen a typical theme in how I get started. The pattern usually consists of opening all the relevant files (Repos, »

Spinning up Rails + Spree Commerce + React App

The setup will be a rails app that runs the Spree Commerce engine on the backend while utilizing React for the front-end. Just the basic instructions »

Testing Batch Requests & Pagination in Node

Background noise: Node with HapiJS. The test spec files use the Request library & the Chai Assertion library. The post focusses on writing simple & small »