Fair/Fare: An Ember.js SPA

An Ember.js app that connects restaurants and non-profits to mitigate food wastage in NYC.

https://github.com/InvasiveLionfish/FairFare---Ember (Client side)
https://github.com/InvasiveLionfish/emberproject-api (Rails API)

Tech Stack: Ember.js + Rails 5 + Heroku

Team: The magnificient Kevin Webster & Myself.

  • Built Rails API using rails-api gem, ActiveModel Serializers & the JSON API Adapter.
  • Implemented custom authorization flow using Ember Simple Auth and JSON Web Tokens.
  • Implemented ActionMailer to send email notifications to donors/recipients when registering & confirming pickups
  • Built component to dynamically search listings with scoring capabilities using string_score JavaScript library.
Challenges & Gotchas

-> Setting up Rails 5 API with our Ember app

-> JWT Authentication in Ember

-> Setting up a Listings page with the associated components

-> Triggering emails via Rails ActionMailer on Ember

Minor Inconveniences:

  • Not embarrassed to say that trying to get custom CSS on ember templates was a pain.
  • Deployment issues with surge and heroku


  • Writing CSS and learning about the z-index; Using Flexbox to design the background was also nice.
  • Setting up Bootstrap and seeing the changes live was a joy;
  • Learning about how to make modals and Ember play nicely together.
Future Features
+ Implement Uber API + Implement Twillio API